Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Issue 1

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Tink's Blabs
Special Events
Guildie of the Week
Guildie Interview

Tink's Blabs:
I know I havent put out an issue in a while. But there was a reason. When lich king came out, everyone was leveling. So, I didnt bother. Now that we are raiding again, I will ATTEMPT to get an issue out each week. This will be considered the first issue, since we are starting new with lich king.
A lot of things have been happening in MHP over the last month or so. Here's a run down...
~Moonstryker, also known as Noobstyker, and Orphan, as well as his wife, and his 2 children have to take time away from World of Warcraft. They have some real life issues they need to work out. So for the time being they are in Austrailia, and will not be online WoW. They may still check the forums sometimes though. The whole Moonstryker family will be missed.
~Roii, has also left us. But on good terms. He switched servers to play with real life friends. He will also be missed.
~ Mrs. Gillybeans and her goofy hubby, are also taking a bit of a break. They have just moved to Florida. And also have some things to work out, and need to get settled in.
~Isaak has returned ondeck and ready for battle, after his short leave for real life stuffs! Welcome back hun!
~Wuzabear, the uber uber leet druid of pvp! His 3s team was the first on the server to hit 2k! Last week the team was ranked 12th in the battlegroup! His 5s team, which Waramp is also on, is top on the server! Wo0t!
~Yenene and Solanox got 2 new achievements! Yenene got "Married Man". and Solanox got "Married Woman"! Yes they are getting married ingame AND IRL! YaY! (info on the ingame wedding is in the special events column)

Jahreeda - on the 1st! *sorry this is very late but happy bday hun!*

Special Events:
Yenene and Solanox will be getting married January 25th at 3pm server time. on top of the Colossal Tower in Feralas. Please attend!

MHP has cleared 25 man Naxx! Is it safe to say farm status? hehe. Dmok's 2nd group 10 man Naxx, has just 2 bosses left till clear. Sapphiron & Kel'Thezud! yay!

Guildie of the Week:
He has some amazing dps! Direct Quote from Villcareau- "He is the best melee dps I've ever seen." He is also an absolute sweet heart. Always willing to help anyone with anything. He's just an all around good person, and amazing player. =)

Guildie Interview:
1) How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?
Since about February this year... yeah I am a super noob
2) What got you started on this game?
I was thinking about playing an MMO and my neighbor (Xulia) suggested WoW. I flew around on his epic flyer for a bit and was hooked
3) What is your favorite class?
Chemistry!!!!! I mean.... Warlock, they are dynamic, and quite possibly the most complicated class, with a vast number of curses and having to have EVERYTHING keybound makes it fun.
4) How many 70's do you have?
2, lvl 70 Lock, and a 70 Pally
5) How many toons do you have from level 1-70?
I have alot of lvl 1-10 toons, but only 4 real toons that I ever do anything on at all. lock, pally and 2 shamans lvl 19 and 25. (19 twink shaman FTW, quite possibly the best flag escort EVER)
6) Do you play any other pc game?
Nope, I used to play alot of console games but WoW is way cheaper
7) If so, What games?
(used to play) Ragnarok Online, and first person shooters
8 ) What is your main goal in World of warcraft?
I just wanna be good. Whether it is running arenas with Wuza, or Raiding with the whole team, I wanna be the best.
9) Do you roleplay?
10) Why or why not?
I would like to, its just hard to find ppl that do, and I dont really kno anythin about it anyway >.<>
12) What dungeon, 5 man, 10 man, 25 man, or 40 man is your favorite? 25 man
13) Why is it your favorite? I like the complexity of the fights, and nothing beats 24 other pirates screaming in vent "ILLIDAN ISDEAD!!!!!!"
14) What is your favorite boss? Al'ar no one can beat my DMG on him. Tab DoT FTW.
15) What dungeon do you hate the most? ZA
16) why do you hate it? I have never been in a ZA where ppl weren't screaming at each other about getting those bloody timers. Also I just got really bummed out about our progress in there prepatch. It always felt like 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.
17) whos the worse boss in World of warcraft? Probably Solarian, mostly because it never fails if someone has never been there or if they have a bad connection they will be the ones to get the debuff guaranteed.
18) Do you like horde? do they like me? then no.
19) do you play horde? nope, I was recruited to alliance and I see no reason to make it harder on myself.
20) which is better, alliance or horde? PvP = Horde PvE = Horde Fun = Alliance
21) How long ago did you join mhp? I joined MHP at lvl 4 with 20 or so copper in my pocket and completely decked out in all grays.
22) Why did you choose MHP? Like I said, I was kinda chosen by an MHP member rather than actively looking to join. XD
23) What do you think about MHP, now that you've gotten to know everyone? MHP == Win somewhere along the way everyone in MHP has helped me at some point (Including Aprisia :P)
24) Who referred you to mhp?
25) Do you like the newsletter?
Yarr, why else would I have it bookmarked.


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